Professional Maintenance USA is a group of commercial contract cleaning companies servicing Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and West Virginia.  


In 1950 the Professional Maintenance USA group of companies began its formation with the creation of the first Professional Maintenance company. Over the years locations were started in many different cities to serve major metropolitan areas in the United States. The Professional Maintenance USA group of companies now work throughout the Midwest serving over 500 million square feet of regularly scheduled assignments in additional to many special services and emergency clean-up projects.


Maintenance Methods, Inc.

In 1960 Maintenance Methods, Inc. was organized as a management team in support of the Professional Maintenance USA group of companies. Maintenance Methods supports the affiliated companies with administrative, training, and cost management services on a continuing basis. Maintenance Methods provides financial support, centralized payroll, and accounting to all affiliated companies.  

Phillips Supply Company, Inc.

Founded in 1947 by Charles and Claire Phillips, Phillips Supply Company was formed as a “door to door” business that specialized in selling a wide variety of janitorial products. More than 65 years later, Phillips Supply has grown to become one of the largest Janitorial and Sanitary Distributors in the Midwest, servicing Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia. Phillips Supply Company is now a second-generation family owned company and a certified woman owned business.